Content Creator   |   Drone Pilot   |   Videographer   |   Photographer

I'm a content creator from the Netherlands who is currently in the Netherlands planning new adventures after exploring the globe for more than a year.​


In 2017 I bought my first drone and started perfecting my drone operating skills to create the sickest and smoothest content. After a while I added a mirrorless camera, an action camera and an underwater camera to my equipment to be more diverse with my content. ​


In 2019 I packed my bags and took my drone and camera gear with me on a journey around the world capturing all the amazing places I visited.​


I work with different brands, travel companies and hotels/resorts. I can work out a complete project, deliver drone shots to use for your own projects or create content to share via my own or your channels.



Bubble Hotel Bali

Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia

Grand Komodo Liveaboard Scubadiving Trips

 Nilaya Villa's Bali

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Heijmans Timelapse - Tunnelalliantie Voorhout