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Meet Didingo! This yellow or orange (we still didn’t agree on the color) Scania 93 truck is my home and transport for the next couple of months. She is an overland truck built for 23 passengers + a driver and a tourleader.

The exterior of the truck is well thought. There are different storage compartments for tents, tools, tables, chairs, water and everything we need for cooking and eating. The driver, Chris, and our tourleader, Nikki, are sitting in the “cockpit” of the truck, which is separated from the passenger part.

There's loads of storage space on the exterior of the truck

The interior of the passenger part of the truck is also very well designed. There are 23 seats and under every seat there is a locker to put your bags etc.. Above the seats are overhead storage compartments for smaller stuff. There’s loads of storage space under the floorboards for spare truckparts, food and other stuff. There’s also a safe in the truck called “the fridge” for our money, passports and other valuables. There’s a two key system for the fridge so there are always two “witnesses” when someone wants to take something out of it. There’s a Library with books and games and a map with the info of all the places we visit. We have two Eskys for our food and beverages and on the ceiling there’s a map of South-America with our route on it. Luckily there are lots of USB chargers on the truck and we have a sound system with aux connection.

The interior

More interior

The passenger part of the truck has a front and a back area. We call the front area the “V.I.P. Area” because it’s a bit higher than the back area, but also because you have a good view from up there.

The V.I.P. section

We start in Rio with 13 passengers from all over the world. After a couple of weeks 10 more passengers will join us in the truck. Not everyone stays on for the full trip so luckily there will be more space again after some time. I guess we better enjoy the space we have right now!

Driving days

This will be my first time traveling with an overland truck. I will be traveling through South-America for more than 3 months with this truck and I’m very excited to experience this way of traveling with this group.

We'll be camping in tents and we'll be staying in hostels.

We'll be cooking our own food and we'll be going to restaurants.

We'll be very active but we'll also be sleeping a lot in the truck on driving days.

I can't wait to show you photos and videos from all the cool places we go to.

The route from Rio to Lima

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